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Tolna Tolna is a smaller komitat in the west of Hungary. In contrast to this it stands that a centre of the wine production lies here, which the largest concentration around the capital Szekszárd. Already the first Hungarian kings issued the first protection regulations for the wines of the region, however Tolna had to wait until 1998 to became a production area of it's own. The strong red wine of the region already inspired composers such as Schubert and Liszt. Tolna is settled since prehistorically times. Illyrs and Celts settled here, Romans and Huns came to the region before Hungarians conquered the country. Szkeler children Orchid The region was extremely depopulated; when 1696 the Turks had been driven out by the Austrians. For resettlement the new rulers got settlers from Swabia, later from entirely South Germany. Thus a multiplicity of German-language villages developed. After partial deportation of the German population from Hungary after Second World War the in the homeland of their ancestors any longer welcome Szkeler from the in former times Hungarian regions of Transsylvania and the Bukovina settled here. The different populations enrich today the cultural life. Tourist lures Danube and Mecsek mountains exactly as the many thermal baths. Width parts of the komitat Tolna are due to their nature beauty worthy an attendance. Far landscapes are protected nature areas. The orchid wood of Bogyiszló and the Tolna meadow field are from select beauty and rarity. On the damp meadows between the valleys flowers grow. In the forests lives a various bird population. Sea eagles and black storks are here at home. White storks and herons are common. In evenings one can observe veil owls, which populate exactly the same as the bats the nocturnal sky. Both live particularly in church towers.


Varosháza Szekszárd is the capital of the komitat Tolna in the hilly country of the southern Transdanubia, close to the Danube. The townscape is shaped through well-restored historical buildings. The town church is the largest church building with one bark of catholic Central Europe. Mór Wossinszky Museum In the Mór Wossinszky museum the history of the region with prehistorically objects is presented. The city is the place of birth of the well-known Hungarian writer Mihály Babits; his birth house is a place of the memory of the poet. Completely different products of the literature are presented however in the only German-language theatre of Hungary. Likes is those the Whitsuntide festival, the celebration of the wine vintage and today also the folklore festival of the Danube region.

Donau and Gemenc

The Danube In the Gemenc Life in this area offers many characteristics, peace and security. The area was not discovered by the mass tourism yet. The inhabitants receive the guest with sincere hospitality. An important part of these humans is German descent and the population maintains the customs. Few miles from Szekszárd we find the place Sióagárd is well known for the row of wine cellars, the hospitable wine farmers and naturally the famous fish soup. On the Danube bank the resort Fadd Dombori is lain, a true paradises of water sportsmen. Romantic landscapes lure wanderer, sport anglers eject their nets, and rudders enjoy themselves on the Danube and her side arms. Icebird Through the entire year the landscape offers always-new breath-robbing impressions. A completely special natural resource however is the Gemenc. The Gemenc forest has a special position in the characteristic. Here one can observe a rich bird world beside red and black game, among other things the very rare black stork and sea eagles. A small railway explores the Gemenc. Animals one can regard in lucky cases from a distance of 5 to 10 yards. The railway connects Bárányfok and the Danube bank, Pörböly and Malomtelelő regularly. In addition, special trains are available.

Paks - Dunaföldvár

The castle of Dunaföldvár Inside of the Makovecz church The by Imre Makovecz developed church With the name Paks firmly connected is the delicious fish soup. The fish soup is a traditional meal of the Danube region. The original is cooked still in the boiler over open fire, while carps, white fish or may fish are used. In one thing are all cooks united: to the fish soup belongs wine, "if one would drink water to the fish soup, the fish would think that the dog ate it". Objects of special interest in Paks are the Holy Spirit Church, sketched by Imre Makovecz and the modern picture gallery in the city museum. Imre Makovecz drew also the plans of the Hungarian pavilion on the world exhibition in the Spanish Seville. In Dunaföldvár the castle ruin on the Danube bank is a special point of attraction, there one can visit a collection about the history of the city. Dunaföldvár accommodates some baroque churches of the 18th century: Parish Church, the former Franciscan Church and St. John's Church. The bird world around the fishing lakes in the proximity of the city expects nature friends; the Danube arm of Solt is a popular angler's paradise. Each fifth year in August the Danube festival is organised, which also contains a fair and parades in water and air.


The castle of Simontornya The castle of Simontornya is central point of attraction at the place. It received it's current form at the beginning 16h century. Herein a historical exhibition, an intending room in honours of the famous poet of the 20th century Gyula Illyés can be visited, as well as a Lapidaries. Additionally in Simontornya the thermal bath lures.


In the woods of Tamási Game The place is appropriate 24 miles in the south of Lake Balaton. In the thermal bath the guests experience the curing effect of the thermal water between 95 and 100 F warm. A bath cure contributes it to the calming of illnesses of the joints, the movement apparatus and of woman suffering, as drinking cure however is valuable in the caries prophylactics. After having taken place in a bath cure one can make wonderful trips into the game reservation of Gyulaj (see Gunaras). At the national holiday in August in Tamási rider days are organised, which contain interesting and varied shows for everyone.


Bathingfun Thermal bath Gunaras Gunaras is well known for its curable thermal water. This cures illnesses of the movement apparatus and chronic diseases. As drinking cure it is suitable for the healing the stomach, intestine and gal diseases. On the area of the bath is also a more pictorial rudder and fish-lake. The calm life in rural environment close to the gates of the small town Dombóvár contributes to the recovery of the bathers. Only few miles from Gunaras is the 1357 for the first time documentary mentioned village Gyulaj. Its name this owes not only to its objects of interest, but all above the game reservation. The reservation is 20,000 acres large and consists almost exclusively of forest. Walking, by bicycle or also horse riding the home of the game can be explored.


Nature close to Varalja A popular trip goal in the Tolna part of the Mecsek Mountains is Varalja. From here marvellous walking ways lead into the landscape protection area of the eastern Mecsek Mountains. Highly the summit of the Dobogó is appropriate for 594 m, at the same time the highest point of Tolna. In the Northeast point of the Mecsek we find the Puchner Castle in Bikal, embedded in a wonderful landscape, off all cities and main traffic routes. The castle originates from the year 1840 and is today used as exclusive hotel. In the castle park is not only lain a thermal bath with a bathhouse, but also numerous tennis courts are waiting on guests.
Information about the remaining - in the Baranya lain - part of the mountains you find here.
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