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Eating and drinking
Hungary is a country where you can eat and drink very well. The Hungarian kitchen is well known because of its soups and fishmeals, but abroad most famous is the goulash, that is already synonym for Hungarian kitchen. But who orders a gulyás in a Hungarian restaurant gets served a meat-soup. The all over the world famous meal here is named pörkölt. And this is made in uncountable variations with meat of pig, cattle and of course game as well. Two very different versions we present you.
A good meal you can find nearly everywhere. The first class restaurant needn't to be better than the small csárda somewhere lain along a road. Just here you will often find a tasty regional kitchen, fresh prepared by enthusiast cooks. But like all over the world the best method to find the best kitchens is to listen to the advice of the locals.
Meals of the traditional Hungarian kitchen
With the regional different Hungarian kitchen many books can be filled. At this place we will present you a small selection of typically meals that can be cooked by everybody.
Potato Soup Potato Soup
Halászlé - Fish Soup Halászlé - Fish Soup
Fried Sheep Cheese Fried Sheep Cheese
Filled Mushrooms with Egri Sauce Filled Mushrooms with Egri Sauce
Main dishes
Debrecen Braised Meat Debrecen Braised Meat
Lecsó Lecsó
Paprika Roulades Paprika Roulades
Chicken-Paprika-Pan Chicken-Paprika-Pan
Székelygulyas (Szeged's Goulash) Székelygulyas (Szeged's Goulash)
Filled Pike in Szekszard Way Filled Pike in Szekszard Way
Somlyó Pastry Somlyó Pastry
Dobos Cake Dobos Cake
Meals from the Gundel
In the beginning of the last century the genial cook Károly Gundel created in Budapest in the restaurant that has his name some incomparable meals. Who wants to face this high-class kitchen finds here some unusual meals:
Csekonics Salad Csekonics Salad
Pörkölt from Veal with Pasta Pörkölt from Veal with Pasta
Over Cherry Wood Fumed Goose Liver Over Cherry Wood Fumed Goose Liver
Paprika Chicken in the Victuals Bag of a Rich Man Paprika Chicken in the Victuals Bag of a Rich Man
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